Tracing the Frickletons on census day March 31, 1901 and April 2, 1911

Andrew Frickleton (c.1826 - 15 Oct 1858) and Margaret McCreery (bef. 1928 - 2 Apr 1916) had 5 children.

1) William (c. 1851 - bet. 1901 and 1911)
2) Fanny Jane (c. 1855 - 8 Aug 1902, Moygashel Town, Tyrone)
3) Martha (c.1857 - 12 Jul 1925, Milford, Armagh)
4) Margaret (8 Oct 1858 - 24 Jan 1939, Brantford, Ontario, Canada)
5) Unknown

Margaret was born in Airdrie Scotland and the other three were born in Co. Armagh, Ireland, probably in the Keady area.

In 1901

1) William Frickleton married Martha Galloway 10 Oct 1872 in Keady and they had 4 children, Hugh, Andrew, William and Margaret Jane. After Martha's death, William married Elizabeth Price 12 Dec 1894 in Keady and they had one child, Eliza Jane.

William Freckelton, 42, loftman in linen factory, is living in Moygashel, Tyrone. Also living in the house is Jane Cooke, 32, domestic servant. William was born in Co. Armagh and Jane in Co. Antrim.

Elizabeth Freckelton (née Price), 40, linen weaver, William's wife and his daughter Eliza Jane, 5, are living with her mother Rose Price (née Armstrong), 68, widow, and her brother Samuel, 34, linen lapper, in Keady Town, Armagh on Sandy Row. Everyone was born in Co. Armagh.

Three of William's children by his first marriage are also listed:

i) Hugh Freckelton, 26, cotton beetler **, Elizabeth, 28, and Mary McEwan, 2 months, are living in Poleglass, Derryaghey, Antrim. Hugh was born in Co. Armagh, Elizabeth in Co. Down and Mary in Co. Antrim. Hugh married Elizabeth McEwan 10 Feb 1898 in Belfast.

ii) Andrew Frackelton, 22, beetler, is visiting his aunt Margaret McClung (Frickleton) in Belfast on Keswick Street. He was born in Co. Armagh.

iii) William Freckelton, 22, beetler, is living near Hugh in Poleglass and is single. He was born in Co. Armagh.

iv) Margaret Jane, born 1873 in Dunlargue, Keady, died in 1874.

2) Fanny Jane Rodgers (née Frickleton), 43, and James Rodgers, 42, carpenter, are living in Moygashel Town, Tyrone. Living with them are their children Maggie (Margaret), 20, linen weaver, Andrew, 19, carpenter, Minnie (Mary), 17, linen weaver, John, 9, Fannie (Fanny Jane), 8, Eveline, 4. Fanny Jane married James Rodgers 20 Jun 1876 in Derrynoose, Armagh and they had 11 children, not all of whom survived.

Also living with the family is Margaret Freckelton, 66, mother-in-law. This would be Andrew's widow Margaret McCreery, although her age seems to be incorrect since that would mean she was 14 when she married Andrew in 1849.

Everyone was born in Co. Armagh.

3) Martha Bratty (née Frickleton), 40, and William Bratty, 36, linen beetler are living in Tullynamallogue, Crossmore, Armagh . Living with them are their children Bella (Isabella), 11, Maggie (Margaret Frances), 9, Sarah, 8, Mary Jane, 6, Lillie (Martha Elizabeth), 5, Eleanor, 3, Letitia (Letitia Wilson), 2, and William, 5 months. Martha married William Bratty 15 Jan 1890 in Keady, Armagh. Everyone was born in Co. Armagh.

4) Marget (Margaret) McClung (née Frickleton), 42, widow, is living in Belfast on Keswick Street. Living with her are her children James, 21, cooper, Marget (Margaret), 19, yarn weaver, Martha, 16, yarn weaver, Eliza, 14, starcher, Frances J(ane), 12, Ellen, 7, Anna, 5, and Mary E(velyn), 2. Margaret married David McClung 17 Jul 1879 in Keady, Armagh.

As noted above, William's son Andrew is visiting the family on census day.

Margaret was born in Scotland, Mary Evelyn in Belfast, and the rest in Co. Armagh.

In 1911

1)William Frickleton died 29 Feb 1904 in Belfast, Antrim Ireland and was buried in Belfast Cemetery.

Of William's children with Martha Galloway, there is no trace of Hugh, Andrew or William in the Irish census.

Hugh (i), his wife and daughter are living in Brussels, Belgium where he is employed as a linen finisher by Rey Ainé, Fabric Manufacturer. He would die 27 1925 in Brussels.

Andrew (ii) emigrated to the U.S. and died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 22 May 1916.

William (iii) married Sarah Stanford 15 Jan 1905 in Belfast . They emigrated to Canada, William in Jan 1905 and Sarah in Aug 1905

In the 1911 Canadian census, William Frecketon, 40, (this is incorrect ), worker in a screw(?) factory, Sarah, 26, and William, 5, are living in Brantford Ontario at 104 St. George Street. A daughter, Dorothy born 1910 in Brantford, has died. Everyone was born in Ireland, but this is also incorrect since there is a birth certificate for William 12 May 1906 in Brantford.

The elder William's widow Eliza(beth) Freickleton (née Price), 53, linen weaver, and her daughter Eliza Jane, 15, linen weaver, are still living with Elizabeth's mother Rose Ann Price, 74, widow, and her brother Samuel, 47, linen lapper. in Keady Town, Armagh on Sandy Row. Everyone was born in Co. Armagh. Elizabeth and her daughter would emigrate to Canada in 1914; however they would both return. Elizabeth would died 15 Nov 1919 in Keady Town. Eliza Jane would marry Robert Joihn Clinging 20 Aug 1925 in Keady.

2) Fanny Jane Frickleton has died and James Rodgers has married Charlotte Green. Some of James's and Fanny Jane's children are still in Moygashel, Tyrone.

Margaret Liggett (née Rodgers), 32, and James Liggett, 32, beetler, are living in Moygashel Town, Tyrone. Living with them are their children Eveline Sophia, 6, Minnie (Mary Jane), 5, and James (James Rodgers), 1. Margaret married Samuel James Liggett 18 Sep 1903 in Derrygortreavy, Dungannon, Tyrone. Margaret was born in Co. Armagh and James and the children in Co. Tyrone.

Eveline Sophia Liggett would emigrate to Canada in 1928. Her original destination was a woman's hostel in Toronto. She married Frank McKeown and they had a son, Roy. She died 13 Jun 1976 in Scarborough, Ontario.

James Rodgers Liggett would emigrate to Canada in 1929 to join his uncle John Rodgers. In 1976 he was living in Canada and his sisters Mary (Minnie) and Elizabeth were living in Northern Ireland.

Mary Simpson (née Rodgers), 27, and Alfred Simpson, 30, compositor, are living in Miltown, Dungannon, Tyrone. Living with them are their children Francis Mary, 5, Evelyn Matilda, 4, Margaret Elizabeth, 3, and Emily Theresa, 1. Mary married Alfred Simpson 19 Jan 1906 Derrygortreavy, Dungannon, Tyrone.

Also living with the family is Mary's sister Francis Jane Rodgers, 17, weaver, who would die in 1914.

Everyone was born in Co. Tyrone, but that is incorrect since Mary and Francis Jane were born in Co. Armagh.

The fate of some of Fanny Jane's other children from the 1901 census is known.

Andrew Rodgers married Margaret Matilda McKeown 10 Jul 1903 in Derrygortreavy, Dungannon, Tyrone, but died at the age of 24 of chronic valvular heart disease as a result of rheumatic fever a little over a week later in Moygashel on 21 Jul 1903.

John Rodgers would marry a widow named Emma Ballantine (née Beattie) on 25 Dec 1911 in Belfast and they would emigrate to Canada in 1924. He subsequenly married Jessie Tighe (née Charlton). There is evidence of him as late as July 1, 1944 when he crossed the border travelling on business to the U.S. He died 23 Mar 1947 in Toronto.

Eveline Rodgers died at the age of 5 of typhoid at the Dungannon, Tyrone workhouse on 12 Jun 1902.

3) Martha Bratty (née Frickleton), 52, and William Bratty, 50, beetler, are living in Monaghan Street, Milford, Armagh. Living with them are their children Bella, 21, linen weaver, Margret, 19, linen weaver, Sarah, 18, Mary Jane, 16, linen weaver, Martha, 15, linen weaver, Elenor, 13, Letitia, 11, and William, 10. Also in residence on the census day is Margaret Freckleton, 82, a widow; there is no indication whether or not she lives there permanently. Despite the last name, she is listed as a friend, not a relative, but this is most likely Margaret McCreery, Martha's mother. Everyone was born in Co. Armagh.
- Margaret Francis Bratty would marry Arthur Hyde in 1920 and remain in Ireland.
- Mary Jane (Minnie) would emigrate to Canada in 1926. She did not marry
- Martha Elizabeth Bratty would marry Edwin Bell in 1913 and would emigrate to Canada in 1925 with her children to join her husband who emigrated in 1923.
- Eleanor Bratty would emigrate to Canada in 1929. Her destination was the Ontario Government Hostel in Toronto. She later married Unknown Magee.
- Letitia (Tishy) would also emigrate to Canada where she married Harold Gilpin. She died Mar 1970 in Clarson, Ontario.
-   William Bratty would emigrate to Canada in 1927 to join his sister Martha in Toronto.
4) 1911 details on Margaret and her family can be found in the "Tracing the McClungs on census day April 2, 1911".

Ages recorded may vary from known birth dates. This happens frequently in the censuses.
There are various spellings and misspellings both of Frickleton and of given names in the documents.

** A beetler is someone who operated the Beetling Machine, used for embossing textiles. The Beetling Machine was also used to give a shiny effect to cloth as the pressure of the wooden rollers during the squeezing (mangling) of the cotton or linen cloth added lustre.
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