Tracing the McClungs on census day April 2, 1911

Maggie (Margaret) Frickleton, 51, and William Bain, 51, farmers, are living in Corkley, Armagh. Mary Evelyn McClung, 12, scholar, is living with them. Maggie was born in Scotland, William in Co. Armagh and Mary Evelyn in Belfast. This information on Margaret's birth place confirms the Canadian passenger list from 1934. Including Mary Evelyn, Margaret has seven surviving children from her marriage to David McClung who died in 1898

The remaining McClung children

James McClung, 31, master cooper, his wife Maggie (Margaret) McClean, 29, and their children Winifred, 5, Adline (Adaline), 3, and Irene, 1, are living at 6 Woodvale Street in Belfast. Two sons, David and William, had died in 1905. Also living with them is his sister Lily (Eliza) McClung, 24, damask weaver; his cousin Thomas McClung, 28, cooper; and sister-in-law Annie Murphy, 51, laundry hand, who is a widow. Rosanna "Annie" McClean is actually Maggie McClean's mother, not her sister; a bit of family history that didn't become widely known until some time in the 1920's. James, Lily and Thomas were born in Co. Armagh, Maggie and Annie in Co. Antrim (actually a town called Ballyboley) and the girls in Belfast.

Samuel Murdock, 23, cabinetmaker, is living with his mother Mary Jane, widow, and 2 siblings at 29 Cameron Street, Belfast. Also living in the house is Issac Murdock who is Samuel's uncle. Mary Jane was born in Co. Down, the children in Belfast and Isaac in Cambrai, France.

Margaret McClung, 29, and William Kirkpatrick, 29, woodcutting machinist, their children William James, 5, David, 2, and Sidney, 11 months, are living at 12 Bisley Street, Belfast. Margaret was born in Co. Armagh, William in England, and the boys in Belfast

Martha McClung and Thomas Morrow emigrated to Canada in 1910 with their children Eliza (Lila) and Thomas James. Thomas, 29, wagon works labourer, Martha, 27, Lila, 3, and James, 11 months, are living at 5 Garden Street. in Brantford, Ontario. Also living with them is William Bryans, 36, wagon factory labourer, who is married to Thomas's sister Sarah Jane, who is still in Ireland.

Frances Jane McClung, 22, linen weaver, Ellen McClung, 17, tyer on, and Anna McClung, 15, linen weaver, are living in Anne Street, Milford, Armagh. They are the only occupants of the house. All three were born in Co. Armagh and are single.

William McKinley, 22, tenter, is living with his father, Archibald, mother, Elizabeth, and 11 siblings in Monaghan Street, Milford. Frances Jane (Fanny) and William would marry 3 Jul 1914 in Armagh. Among his siblings is Joseph (18), linen weaver, who would marry Anna (Nan) 12 Jul 1915 in Armagh. William and Joseph were born in Clogher, Co. Down

John Darnbrook, 19, apprentice machine tool fitter, is living with his father, Tom, mother, Jane, and six siblings at 6 Oak Grove, Keighley, Yorkshire, England. Ellen (Nellie) and John would marry 25 Dec 1917 in Belfast.

Ages recorded may vary from known birth dates. This happens frequently in the censuses

1901 details on Margaret and her family can be found in the "Tracing the Frickletons on census day March 31, 1901 and April 2, 1911".
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