Robert Rodgers

John Rodgers (date unknown)

Matilda Rodgers (Robert & Margaret's daughter) and Margaret Rodgers (née Smyth, her mother)
Likely taken shortly before Margaret's death in 1901

Annie Hagan (née McFall) The wife of Hugh Hagan. Their children were Annie and John

John Rodgers and Annie Hagan

Annie Hagan, 1893 (age 16)

John Hagan, Annie's brother. Son of Hugh Hagan and Annie McFall

John Rodgers's and Annie Hagan's children, 1910

Annie Rodgers (née Hagan) and her daughter Annie Rodgers (later Annie Megaw) 1925

John "Jack" Rodgers and Nelly Bentley, Wesley Rodgers. Belfast Jun 26, 1928

George Megaw (later Annie's husband), Annie Rodgers, Fred Rodgers, Ena Rodgers (née Johnston, Fred's wife),
Hilda Rodgers (née Smeltzer, Hugh's wife) holding Allan, her son, Welsey Rodgers, Unknown. About 1929

George Rodgers and Myrtle Maxwell, Annie Rodgers. Belfast Apr 30, 1930 (the date on the photo is incorrect)

George Megaw and Annie Rodgers. Belfast Aug 23, 1933

Annie Megaw and Godfrey Rodgers. Canada 1969

Standing: Myrtle Rodgers (née Maxwell, George's wife), George Rodgers, Ena Rodgers (née Johnston), Addie Rodgers (née McClung, Godfrey's wife).
Seated: Nan (Annie) Megaw (née Rodgers), Godfrey Rodgers. Ballymena 1975

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