Tracing the Rodgers & Hagans on census day April 2, 1911

Robert Rodgers, 68, Chief Inspector BC Trams, is a widower and living at 28 Virginia Street in Belfast. His wife Margaret had died in 1901. Also living in the house is Matilda Rodgers, 46, Servant. She is a spinster. Both Robert and Matilda were born in Co,. Derry. There is no indication of a familial relationship despite the same last name and birth county. Robert has three surviving children - Selina, John and Matilda Jane.

Selina Rodgers, 39, and Robert Nicholl, 47, Depot Foreman are living at 106 Mountpottinger Road, Belfast. This happens to be the tram depot. Also living the with them are their children - Robert John, 19, Tram Conductor, and Florence Selina, 17. Robert was born in Co. Derry, as was Selina. However that is incorrect - she was born in Omagh. The children were born in Belfast.

Annie Hagan, 34, and her children Robert Hugh, 12, John Smith, 9, Frederick Hagan, 8, Godfrey Courtland Hill, 5, Annie Marguerite, 5, Francis George, 2, Wesley Herman Mooney, 1, are living at 16 Annalee Street, Belfast. There is no mention of John Rodgers, a ship's master, who is probably at sea. Annie was born in Co. Antrim and the children in Belfast.

Annie's brother John Hagan, 37, Commercial Traveller, and Mary McKee, 37, are living at 134 Dunluce Avenue, Belfast. They are the only occupants of the house. John was born in Co. Antrim and Mary in Belfast.
The future spouses

Hildred Gerrard Smeltzer, 9, Scholar is living with her father Daniel, her mother Maud Alice, and four siblings at 74 Bryson Street, Belfast. She was born in Lancashire, England. Hildred and Robert Hugh would marry 2 Mar 1921 in Belfast.

Ellen Margaret Bentley, 12, Scholar, is living with her father Robert, her mother Nellie Edith and three siblings at 24 Avoca Street, Belfast. She was born in Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa. Ellen and John Smith would marry 26 Jun 1928 in Belfast.

Georgina (Ina) Johnston, 8, Scholar, is living with her mother Isabella and six siblings in Carnbrock, Antrim. Her father, who is a ship's master, is likely at sea. She was born in Co. Antrim. Also living with them is an uncle and 2 farm servants. Ina and Frederick Hagan would marry 11 Nov 1925 in Belfast.

Adaline McClung, 3, is living with her father James, her mother Maggie and two siblings at 6 Woodvale Avenue, Belfast. She was born in Belfast. Also living with them is James' sister, cousin and Maggie's sister (actually her mother). Adaline and Godfrey Courtland Hill would marry 18 Apr 1930 in Toronto, Ontario.

George Harold Megaw, 7, is living with his father George, his mother Emma and four siblings at 13 Alloa Street, Belfast He was born in Belfast. George and Annie Marguerite would marry 23 Aug 1933 in Belfast.

Martha G. (Myrtle) Maxwell, 4 months, is living with her father William John, her mother Martha and three siblings at 60 Mervue Street, Belfast. She was born in Belfast. Myrtle and Francis George would marry 2 Apr 1930 in Belfast.

Ethel Rhodes who would marry Wesley Herman Mooney 10 Jul 1940 in Belfast has not yet been born.
Matilda Rodgers, 28, and David Forsythe, 30, Commercial Traveller, and their children Maggie, 7, Scholar and Samuel John, 5, Scholar, are living at 64 Mountcashell Street. Two other children, Annie Best and Rhodesa, have died. There are two other occupants:
  • Samuel Forsythe, 28, Shop Assistant - Draper, who is a widower. Samuel, David's half-brother, had married Matilda's sister Margaret Rodgers in 1905. She died in 1908.
  • Alexander Wilson, 30, Labourer in Iron Works, is married to David and Samuel's sister Ruth who is living in Co. Armagh.
Matilda and the children were born in Belfast, the others were born in Co. Armagh.

Ages recorded may vary from known birth dates. This happens frequently in the censuses.
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