Cemetery Serendipity - The Sequel

The last time I did some research on a grave site, I found, entirely by coincidence, the burial of my great grandmother Margaret Frickleton. Something similar has happened again.

Morrow headstoneOn June 28, 2010, I once again visited Mount Hope Cemetery in Brantford and this time I thought I would check into the information on Tom Morrow and Martha (née McClung) Morrow. I was aware that Ray and Lila (née Morrow) Popp were also buried in the same family plot, but the helpful lady in the cemetery office told me there were two other burials.

The first was Harold Morrow in 1913. A bit of internet research turned up the birth of Harold Cecil Morrow to Thomas Morrow and Martha McClung on 3 Oct 1911 in Brantford. His death occurred on 14 Sep 1913 as the result of pneumonia and spinal meningitis. This was a child I was not aware of.

The second burial was even more surprising - Baby Freckleton - on 5 Dec 1910. I was not sure what to make of this one, since I didn't know there were any Freckletons/Frickletons in Brantford, but obviously there were and they must somehow be related. A check of the online records revealed the birth of Dorothy Freckleton on 13 Sep 1910 in Brantford to William Freckleton and Sarah Stanford. Dorothy Freckleton's death occurred on 3 Dec 1910 as a result of pneumonia.

Her birth certificate also listed the date and place of her parent's marriage - 15 Jan 1905 in Belfast. My research into the Irish records found the marriage record and the information that William's father was also named William and his occupation was butler. Now, that's a transcription error, because William's father was a beetler - a person who operates a Beetling machine, used for embossing textiles. How do I know?

Andrew Frickleton, my second great grandfather, had 5 children, one of whom was Margaret, Martha McClung's mother, and another was William born about 1851. William (a beetler or machine operator) married Martha Galloway and they in turn had 4 children - Margaret Jane, Hugh, Andrew and William who was born 21 May 1878 in Keady, Armagh, Ireland. It is this William who married Sarah Stanford 15 Jan 1905 in Belfast. The William Freckleton born in 1878 and Martha McClung were first cousins which helps to explain why members of the families were buried together.

Too many Williams? Check the diagram at the end.

This also helped to extend the William Freckleton/Martha Galloway line. There was no trace of William (1878) in the 1911 Irish census, but he did appear in the 1901 census as a boarder in Poleglass, Derryaghey, Antrim. Living near him was Hugh Freckleton who is likely his brother. The other brother Andrew was visiting the McClungs in Belfast on census day.

Frickleton genealogy table
Brian Rodgers - June 28, 2010
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