Rodgers & McClung History
McClung and Frickleton
The Brantford McClungs - From Ireland to Canada
A collection of McClung and Frickleton photos
Tracing the Frickletons on census day March 31, 1901 and April 2, 1911
Andrew Freckelton
Learning about a life through death
Hugh Freckelton
The missing link
Tracing the McClungs on census day April 2, 1911
Agnes McClung and Robert Crozier
James & Maggie McClung and Family - November 1918
According to my mother, this was James McClung's
favourite song in the early part of the 20th century

Adaline McClung & Godfrey Rodgers Wedding - 1930
Margaret Bain (McClung/Frickleton) death notices - 1939
Reunited After 45 Years and 3,000 Miles - July 1958
Also contains 13 photos taken July 6, 1958
Adaline & Godfrey Rodgers 50th Anniversary - 1980
Cemetery Serendipity August 19, 2009
Cemetery Serendipity - The Sequel June 28, 2010
Rodgers and Hagan
Rodgers Family Tree
Hagan Family Tree
The Rodgers & Belfast Tramways
Tracing the Rodgers & Hagans on census day April 2, 1911
A collection of Rodgers and Hagan photos
Odds and Ends
Godfrey Rodgers and Adaline McClung - a personal narrative.
Are We Irish?
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Main Surnames
Going back 4 generations:
Rodgers, McClung, Hagan, Haggan, Frickleton, Freckleton, McLean, McClean, McGookin, Smith, Smyth, McCreery, McCreary, McFall, Hill, Gilliland
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